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En alianza con Apartasuites Bogotá Teusaquillo, Operadores Turísticos especializados te ofrecen las mejores experiencias dentro de la ciudad, en un ambiente seguro, confiable y  muy Internacional al estilo Local!


Witness a Football Match in Bogota that brings together the excitement and the joy of a great football match with the locals.
Attend to the stadium accompanied with the safety and the benefit of receiving a tour around the area, transport door to door, snacks and unlimited beer before the game and explanation about the stadium and local teams.

Enjoy the match of your Life!

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We offer you the best tours of Bogotá, find out about our party bus.

Andrés carne de res is a restaurant / bar located just outside Bogota at an hour and a half from the historic center of Bogota. In this restaurant visitors can find the best combination of good music and delicious food typical of our country, it is the perfect mix between colours, smells and flavours, a place full of magic that will undoubtedly make you enjoy an excellent night that will remain in your memories.

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Tejo is Colombian National sport, you have to throw a metal disk of approximately 700 grams through a clay court of 13 meters long to blow the “mechas” up, which are triangles of gun powder and make explosions to make points.

The objective of the game is to make The Mechas explode by hitting it with the Tejo and each time a Mecha explodes, everyone celebrates it!

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We will take you to different food stops so you explore more Bogotá and Colombia on a delicious way. Discover our cultural mix with our authentic creations like “empanada paisa”, “obleas”, “pandebono”, “arepa santandereana”, “origin coffee”.. among many others. While walking and eating, you will understand the background of our gastronomy when the Colombian territory was dominated by our indigenous ancestors. Throughout this experience you will have the chance to get closer to our Colombian culture, walk around non-touristic spots and unveil the secrets of our legacy. (Veg friendly)

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